Thursday, May 07, 2009


I really want to paint this!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Photoshop helps

Pioneer Woman showed another easy technique to use in Photoshop and thank goodness Elements has this ... Enhance Adjust Color Adjust Color Curves

Shelley's Christmas Card

I didn't get a card from Shelley (gift... yes, card with photo... no!)

So, I decided to post one for her. She's busy teaching young minds about science so she won't even notice!

Friday, January 09, 2009


I love reading Laura Courtemanche's blog "A Dozen Eggs", it's all about her cookie making biz in Vermont and she also happens to like her some JCrew... me toooooo!

Anyway, you can read about her churning out the cookies and see how awesomely talented she is here at

Ok so yesterday for Madi's Bday I told her I'd bring some cookies up before lunch for her to share with some peeps.
These are not even close to being my best work in the cookie dept. but hey, I had to do them start to finish in one hour! It's a big cookie cutter and I figured it would substitute for a cupcake! I took this pic to post for you Laura!
The icing set so fast I couldnt' get the sprinkles to stick!
Ok so then, the tricky part. You see one is not allowed to bring in food to SHARE with others in Middle school! Horrors!
(Seems to me things might get a little more bearable around there if they would allow it but whatever. I'll bring that up at the next principal's coffee.)
So I had to smuggle the cookies in to her in a lunchbox. Dropped it off in the office and felt very guilty that the uber nice lady who runs the place thought it was Madi's lunch being dropped off for her.
All for the sake of sugar I guess!
Thanks Laura for all the pics you post and I love your JC outfits! I frequent the outlet near me waaaay to often!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wicked Pony Farm

Rider below sign... broken leg with crow eating it.

Sign is lighted and glowed at night.

Yes, we won Most Creative for our decorations at the horse show! What a job it was to pack up even more crap than we already take to a show. But, worth it. The kids really got into it.

Several people asked did I get the list off the internet for "Lovelies from our Farm". No, we thought them up with our creative barn minds. We used barn animals or animal by-products we are not particularly fond of.... rats, birds, cows, snakes, dog by-products.

Dog slobber- water and marshmallow fluff

Giant Fly Poop- rice crispies

Lost Teeth Found in Arena- corn

Bird brains- hominy w/food coloring

Bird Poop-canned blueberries w/Fluff and a drop of green color This was the MOST realistic one.... really.

Ring Worm- cherio's w/pink color

Barn Rat Brains- brussel sprouts w/green color

Rat Intestine- rotini noodles

Cow tumors- beets

Snake Eggs- black olives

Doggity Doo Doo- if you don't know watch "Caddie Shack"

Here goes... "Lovelies from our Farm" photos taken by 9 year old, I think she has a future in photog!

And finally a photo of some of the girls in the costume parade. Rider needs a hairnet!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Paper Source

Sent the care package down to the hurricane survivors and included a bag of goodies each for Brooke and Sam.
Chip board tags from Paper Source, stamp and silk ribbon also.
Love these tags as you can put many layers of paint and ink on them and they hold up.
(Also like the price $1~)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Freak OUt

Took the camera to the barn yesterday to get some pony freak shirt shots of the pony freaks in the pony freak shirts.
Sean had to show her favorite pony Rammy some lovin'. He was agreeable but wanted to eat his hay.